Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lemondrops & Hard Candies

We have been in the mood for some candies - we came up with new designs (earrings and hair accessories) added to our collections at our Etsy shop.

These fun-loving lemondrops dangling earrings and beaded bobby pin look retro-licious, trying not to be tempted to eat those lemondrops (think "Lemonhead" candies). :-) They can be a part of your casual wardrobe - it is always fun wearing them on the weekends.

Here is one of our newest beaded bobby pins added to our collection called "Hard Candies." A lovely brown bobby pin with flat round golden yellow glass beads would add a splash of color to your hair especially when you are going to work or socializing with your friends!

Check out our newest designs added to our collections at our Etsy shop. Also, we will continue blogging - visit our blog for shop updates and other things to blog about. :-) Have a great weekend!

More Things at our Mintd shop! :-)

We've added a couple of items to our Mintd shop last week - hot pink dangling earrings and silver beaded bobby pin. We are gradually adding more things to our Mintd shop because we are still learning how to buy/sell items at Mintd.

We've enjoyed being a part of Mintd community - everyone's so nice and friendly. Oh, did you know that Mintd is a year old now? You can read about it at their website. (Hey Mintd, I wish you a happy belated birthday!) :-)

Hope you have a wonderful day and have fun shopping at Mintd! :-)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Barrettes In Stock

These braided ribbon barrettes are in stock available at our Etsy shop, retro80s.

We have listings for...

- set of one
- set of two
- set of three
- set of four

And you can view the list of color available on two other images...

1. Pale pink & pale pink
2. Pale pink & pale yellow
3. Pale pink & pale blue
4. Hot pink & yellow
5. Purple & purplish-pink
6. Bright blue & pale lime green
7. Bright blue & purplish-pink
8. Green & purplish-pink
9. Black & purplish-pink
10. Purplish-pink & purplish-pink
11. Burgundy & purplish-pink
12. Red & purplish-pink
13. Navy & purplish-pink

14. Burgundy & red
15. Red & white
16. Red & bright blue
17. Navy & lavender
18. Black & white
19. Black & red
20. Black & black
21. Burgundy & burgundy
22. Burgundy & black
23. Black & orange
24. Brown & brown
25. Brown & orange
26. Brown & cream

What to Wear for Valentine's Day...

Our Etsy shop (retro80s) have a plenty of handmade accessories for you to wear for Valentine's day or going on a romantic date! :-)

For a woman who is in love. Express your true feelings to your sweetheart by wearing these "LOVE" beaded bobby pin. Available at our Etsy shop, retro80s.
For a woman who is searching for love, or who just like to flirt. Reveal a flirtatious side of you to attract potential dates by wearing these "FLIRT" beaded bobby pin. Available at our Etsy shop, retro80s.

A lovely black bobby pin with silver round beads would add a splash of color to your hair. Perfect for evening formal parties or going on a romantic date! Available at our Etsy shop, retro80s.

These beads look like red jelly beans, don't they? A lovely black bobby pin with ruby red glass beads would be perfect for going to work or socializing with your friends. Also, it is fun to wear for the holidays and/or Valentine's Day! Available at our Etsy shop, retro80s.

We also have braided ribbon barrettes for your daughter(s) to dress for the Valentine's day too! :-) Available at our Etsy shop, retro80s.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lizards and Lollipops

We have been a member of Lizards and Lollipops since this spring. Lizards and Lollipops is a street team at Etsy for Etsy sellers who specialize in one of a kind accessories for girls and boys. Lizards and Lollipops promote members' handmade items for girls and boys through their launches that would be posted on Etsy forum under "Promotions" section every month on the 1st and 15th days. In previous launches, we have had different kind of themes such as Hawaiian, Stars and Stripes, At the Zoo, Halloween, Princess and Pirates, and Camouflage.

We created these orange and black braided ribbon barrettes for Lizards and Lollipops' Halloween launch last month. It can be a part of your child's Halloween costume or everyday wear. For more information about Halloween barrettes, visit their web page at our Etsy shop.

As for Lizards and Lollipops' Princess and Pirates launch, we made six braided ribbon barrettes altogether, which is three barrettes for girl pirate and three barrettes for princess. They are perfect for everyday wear and it also can be a part of your child's Halloween costume(s). "Pirates" and "Princess" barrettes are being sold separately. For more information, visit their shop links: 1) For girl pirates and 2) For princesses.

Camouflage is a new fashion trend for both children and adults. We have a lovely camouflage braided ribbon barrette (with three ribbons instead of two ribbons!) for you or your daughter to match your camouflage outfit. The colour of ribbons are cream, brown, and hunter green. This barrette was a part of Lizards and Lollipops' Camouflage launch a few weeks ago. You can view this barrette at our Etsy shop.

Our newest collection – beaded bobby pins!

After making and selling braided ribbon barrettes for girls age 3 and up at our Etsy shop, we developed a new line just made for women, which are…beaded bobby pins!

This bobby pin, Triple O’s, is our most viewed item at our Etsy shop and it get a lot of hearts too. We can’t say that we don’t agree with them because it is our favorite beaded bobby pin too!
“Four Purple Ovals” beaded bobby pin is one of our popular items being sold at our Etsy shop. We actually wear this bobby pin every other day because it go with any of our work and social attire.
We are not surprised that this bobby pin is one of our most viewed items at our Etsy shop because they look elegant and romantic.

You can visit our Etsy shop and Mintd shop to view more of our new collection, beaded bobby pins for women.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Retro 80’s Barrettes! There will be shop updates on our blog to keep you informed of what’s new with our braided ribbon barrettes and other hair accessories.

Happy surfing! :-)